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Waste & Disposal

When life gets messy, the clean-up experts come to the rescue and make it all better. Managing waste and disposal responsibly is a huge industry, relying on equipment that includes countless dumpsters, trash trucks, roll-offs and compactors. In order to keep all this equipment as clean as possible, a little grime prevention is necessary. And that’s where CIC comes in.

Rather than costly replacement, the eco-smart way to give a grimy dumpster a makeover is to resurface and refurbish it with CIC coatings. This method saves on raw materials, energy and money, while reducing the amount of waste in landfills. Plus it gives the waste & disposal industry the ideal opportunity to set a great example of walking the talk.

Working with some of the country’s major companies, we develop coatings that protect the surfaces of sanitation equipment and repel dirt in all its many forms. The result: a sharper, more professional presentation with surfaces that project a cleaner image as they help prolong paint jobs, require less daily maintenance, achieve sustainability, and improve bottom-line results.


Because we can formulate our coatings to the exact logo colors of any company, you’ll see our automotive-quality polyurethanes in use on sanitation equipment across the map.

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