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CIC Coatings is a premium coatings manufacturer known for over-the-top service and high performance products. Our diligent research and development teams in tandem with our expert technical representatives provide you with creative, ground-breaking solutions to all of your coating needs.

Industrial Coatings

industrial coatings

Multinational corporation or one-person shop, CIC can help make what you make even better.

Interior wood Coatings CIC Coatings

interior wood finishes

The warmth of wood: it’s what’s inside that makes a house a showplace.

Wire Coatings CIC Coatings

wire coatings

Identifying the proper coatings for your fiberglass braided wire, can be a challenge.

Exterior Wood Coatings CIC Coatings

exterior wood finishes

Want to enjoy the beauty of wood without the upkeep? CIC has you covered.

Oil rig ocean CIC Coatings

oil & gas

Since so much depends on energy, the industry’s experts know to depend on CIC.

Steal Fabrication CIC Coatings

steel fabrication

Even though steel is tough, it still needs some TLC from CIC to perform its best.

Waste and Disposal CIC Coatings

waste disposal

It’s a dirty job, but with help from CIC, it’s possible to keep clean and appear professional doing it.

Mustang Adhesion Promoter CIC Coatings

plastic bumper coatings

When blemished bumpers need a makeover, repair pros turn to CIC formulas for a flawless end result.

Masonry and stone Coatings

masonry & stone coatings

Indoors and out, stone, brick and concrete star in today’s trends. Let CIC help preserve your investment.

Industrial Coatings

fastener coatings

When relatively small parts play a big role in your operation, be sure their durability is protected by CIC.

Brake Coatings CIC Coatings

brake system coatings

What drives CIC to create coatings that leave our competitors in the dust?

Businesses with CIC Coatings

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