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Steel Fabrication

Even with its super strength, steel has its own vulnerabilities, such as rust and corrosion. When it’s exposed to sun, water, and other harsh factors, steel suffers. The damage can cost companies precious time and money, rendering expensive products and raw materials unusable. Manufacturing expenses rise, construction deadlines are missed, and projects become unmanageable.

As the preferred provider of protective coatings for many steel fabricators, CIC has earned a reputation for working with residential, commercial and industrial customers to overcome such obstacles and maintain steel’s strength.

We provide protective coatings for structural steel used in all kinds of buildings, including high rises. Other uses include industrial frames, rebar, billboard structures, industrial trailers, and landscape edging. We can even dye your coating to match the specific colors of your company’s logo. Basically, any fabricated steel product is made even better with the benefit of CIC chemistry.


Alkyd, epoxy, acrylic, phenolic. Primers, top coats, simple- and 2-component options. Our experts are here to help.

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