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Plastic Bumper Coatings

With today’s technology and CIC innovation, even bumper repair qualifies as a “reduce, reuse, recycle” opportunity. Dealerships and collision repair facilities work with insurance companies that typically will pay only for refurbishment when a bumper’s in the shop, not a brand new replacement bumper.

For a like-new look, technicians apply our fast-drying water-based black acrylic base coat primer on a used thermoplastic or thermoset plastic bumper. It gives good flexibility, superior sanding properties, and a consistent orange peel-free finish with excellent top coat holdout. The black plastic then is covered with the manufacturer’s official colors for the vehicle’s make and model. Plus our primer’s aqueous technology provides low toxicity and compliance with environmental regulations, so drivers can feel good about the benefits of recycling.

Another proprietary product is our Mustang Adhesion Promoter, designed to provide superior adhesion, appearance and durability in coatings that work especially well for automotive surfaces including fiberglass, metal, and plastics such as TPO and polypropylene. Compatible with all flexible and rigid plastics, and most water- or solvent-based urethane, epoxy, acrylic, lacquers, primers, sealers and base coats.


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2-part epoxy non-rigid repair material, low VOC water-based primer, adhesion promoter and smooth fill putty.

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