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Oil & Gas

In tackling the complexities of the ever-demanding energy industry, time, money, safety and compliance regulations all come into play. And it takes a team of dedicated, innovative chemists and specialists to analyze, experiment, and evaluate how today’s science will afford us all the resources we’ll rely on tomorrow.

CIC has assumed a leadership role in formulating protective coatings for the casings, tubings, couplings, joints and fittings that enable production to flow more effectively and efficiently, thereby avoiding added expense and downtime. Some of the world’s largest energy producers trust us to reduce evaporation, inhibit rust, achieve compliance, and just generally pamper their pipeline equipment. We’re proud to be experienced partners in providing products with low environmental impact, some of which are even biodegradable.

By joining forces with oil and gas companies, we’ll continue to implement our best science and technology innovations to deliver efficiencies and advancements that benefit the industry, the environment, and everyone who depends on energy.


Whether water- or solvent-based primers and top coats work for  your company, count on CIC for premium protection.

The best of both worlds: high performance products with low environmental impact. We even offer biodegradable options.

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