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Nexbond Metal Coatings
Nexbond Metal Coatings


You want just right solution for a variety of metal applications where severe conditions and environmental regulations exist. That’s NEXBOND™. Formulated with the very latest technology, this product offers the same proven performance you’ve come to expect plus a long list of environmental and application benefits.

It used to be that only oil-based products delivered the desired effect needed for top- quality performance in looks and durability. In the past, low-VOC meant inferior look and feel.

Today, water-based choices are not only good but great for many metal applications. Improvements in formulations have led to greener products that give superior results: a win-win for everyone. With NEXBOND™ Metal Coatings, sacrificing appearance for sustainability has become a non-issue.


Need more traditional coatings that are solvent-based? NexBond™ has you covered too. Enjoy the advantages of highly-reliable, commercial-grade choices that maintain regulation compliance while keeping your project’s requirements, cost and application considerations in mind.

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  • Fast-drying
  • Water or Solvent-Reducible
  • Low-VOC
  • Meets clean air standards
  • Good flexibility
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Water-based products are non-flammable
  • CA-Compliant Coatings for General, OEM, and Heavy Duty Applications
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • A complete line of Primers and Topcoats

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