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Masonry & Stone Coatings

The hottest architectural details in design feature creative combinations of stone, brick, concrete and tile to transform spaces from everyday into exceptional. Both residential and commercial builders have discovered artful ways to use these materials to add dimension, texture and drama to out surroundings. To prolong the beauty and durability of these special features, CIC expertise is a must.

What do you have that needs protecting? The possibilities are evident both indoors and out. Inside, exposed brick or stone walls, concrete or tile floors or countertops, stone or brick mantles, tilework in kitchens and baths—they all benefit for protective coatings, Outdoor conditions like sun, water and snow can cause freezing and cracking and require even more vigilance. With the surge in popularity for outdoor living, more spaces include patios, pool decks, pergolas, fireplaces or fire pits, built-in kitchens and grills, fountains, porches, pathways, walls, driveways and more.

CIC offers an array of products to seal and protect your surfaces, grout and mortar. From a low VOC water-based spray-on for decorative or stamped concrete or travertine floors, to an innovative epoxy that fully seals your pool area, we protect the look and lifespan of your investment.


Whether you prefer a Natural, untreated look, or a More obvious protective coating,  CIC has the formulation for the perfect finishing touch.

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