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High-end kitchen cabinetry. Beautiful furniture that makes a style statement. Shelving and vanities as fashionable as they are functional. Room-defining built-ins. These are the coveted upgrades homeowners and prospective buyers look for when it comes to living the good life.

Recognizing the key role these features play in the home industry, CIC ranks as the preferred coatings provider for builders, contractors, cabinetmakers and more, both big and small. Our exclusive line of Centurion Wood Coatings® includes a variety of products that bring out the beauty in wood finishes.

We offer both water-based and solvent-based formulas to suit the diversity of our customers’ needs. The demand for new formulations of low-VOC coatings that outperform previously available options has been a driving force in the marketplace. By thinking ahead and designing products to satisfy the most stringent standards for compliance—particularly in California—CIC enjoys a head start on our competitors. Our company understands what works, and by combining the need for high- quality coverage, user-friendly application time, and compliance-conscious formulations, our chemists and specialists deliver outstanding results.


Centurion is one of our proudest success stories. It’s the culmination of years of research and experimentation resulting in an advanced protective coating that enriches the beauty of wood yet creates minimal impact on the environment and complies with even the strictest of sustainability restrictions, including CA. By recognizing the demand for more earth-friendly applications, CIC has invested in technology, risen to the challenges, and become an emerging leader in environmental innovation.


Then: Only oil-based products deliver the desired effect needed for top quality performance in looks and durability. Low VOC=inferior look and feel.

Now: Water-based choices are good for wood. Improvements in formulations have evolved, and the reality of greener products and superior results is a win-win for everyone. With Centurion Interior Architectural Wood Coatings, sacrificing appearance for sustainability has become a non-issue.


Need more traditional coatings that are solvent-based? Centurion has you covered also. Enjoy the advantages of consumer- and commercial-grade choices that maintain regulation compliance while keeping your project’s requirements, cost and application considerations in mind.

For premium performance, choose Centurion primers, stains, sealers, lacquers, varnishes and topcoats in your choice of water- or solvent-based formulas.


  • Self-sealing clear topcoat
  • Premium, 2-component ,acrylic polyurethane
  • Water-based, self-sealing coatings
  • Stains, dyes, pigments

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