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Industrial Coatings

Protection. Appearance. Performance. Cost. Compliance. Just a few of the factors that go into the exact mix of science and art required to produce world-class coatings for our customers.

Since the beginning, CIC has been defined by the diversity of our project portfolio. As formulators and manufacturers, we offer a complete line of both water- and solvent-based products tailored specifically to your particular needs. Some of the most respected names in industry turn to us for their primers, enamels, top coats, baked enamels, lacquers, acrylics, sealers and more.

Whether functionality or aesthetics—or both—is your main objective, CIC stands ready to supply you with a win-win outcome. You can count on our continued involvement and expertise, from the very beginning stages of setting up your production line to completing the final details. We recognize that your success is our success.


The choice is yours: thermal-set baked enamels, conventional high solids, air dry alkyds and acrylics, phenolic and epoxy primers and topcoats. Single- and 2-component Products. Polyurethanes, Lacquer sealers, varnishes. The list goes on and on.

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