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Fastener Coatings

The kind of protection our customers need depends on their industry, environment and equipment. Luckily, CIC has the experience and technological know-how to combat severe exterior conditions, and keep operations functioning smoothly.

Corrosion- and chemical-resistance. Anti-galling. Low VOC. UV stability. These are just a few of the reasons industries choose our threaded fastener coatings to do the job. Designed as a protective barrier coating, our unique polymer-bonded PTFE modified thermosetting coating has film thicknesses as low as .5 mils. And with today’s water-based technology, you’ll get superior performance and have a minimal impact on the environment.

We take a lot of pride in making the connection of the perfect coating to hard working components so our customers can continue taking care of business. So when wear and tear threatens your fasteners’ productivity let CIC provide the protection.


Protecting essential parts helps keep your business operational  and profitable. Our proprietary threaded fastener coatings are not only problem-solvers, they’re also compliant with environmental guidelines.

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