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Exterior Wood Finishes

More than ever, outdoor space is viewed as extra living space, with the installation of wooden decks, fences, arbors, gazebos, patio furniture, pergolas, playsets, shutters, garage doors and more. From day one, wood brings natural beauty to a backyard. And from then on, effort’s required to keep it looking its best through exposure to intense sun, rain, snow, etc.

Huemiller Superior Wood Stain and Sealant® from CIC is specifically formulated to maintain the look of new wood, or restore existing wood. One coat covers and virtually weatherproofs wood, providing maximum UV protection for fade-resistance, and preventing water damage. Also leaves wood fungus- and mildew-resistant. Choose from a variety of the most requested wood tones, or we can create a custom stain just for you.

Extend the life of your wood investment as you enhance your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Take it easy and relax— Huemiller Superior Stain and Sealant is on the job and it even comes with a three-year limited warranty.

For premium protection against weather and wear, choose Huemiller Exterior Stain & Sealant. Enjoy one‐coat coverage in our best selling colors or request a custom designed color.

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