We all live on the same planet, and our choices affect one another. That is why CIC Coatings takes environmental responsibility very seriously. As a matter of fact, safeguarding our world for future generations drives every decision we make about our ingredient choices, product lines and disposal methods.

CIC Coatings is a recognized leader in the quest for cleaner, greener products and processes. Our teams have been at the forefront of this initiative, offering more eco-friendly, water-based options and incorporating responsible, sustainable business practices long before they became an industry focus. Our efforts to eliminate the use of hazardous materials, manufacturing practices, and coating processes in a cost-effective way have not only put us at the top of our field, they have paid off for our partners as well. We are uniquely equipped to guide you through the most stringent regulations while keeping your expenses down.

CIC Coatings is continually looking for innovations to enhance the success of our green agenda and create eco-centric initiatives for the future. There will always be challenging environmental issues to address, especially as we strive to maintain the industry’s highest standards for eco-friendly practices and to create high-performance products that exceed ecological requirements. We look forward to partnering with you to respect our planet as we work towards a better future.


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