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Brake System Coatings

Our multitasking formulation not only imparts a beneficial coating but also facilitates adhesion for brake shoes and pads. Available in clear and black, our resole thermoset dip coating is a dual-purpose product that provides a fast air-dry, humidity-resistant film for excellent adhesion plus corrosion-, abrasion- and chemical-resistance. Once the thermoset adhesive and pad have been baked at 400°F, our thermoset dip will also crosslink, creating a permanent bond that prolongs durability and improves performance.

Brake technicians appreciate how our coating allows bins of WIP (work in progress) brake shoes to be stored and sit for bonding at a later time (up to 6 months) with no flash rust. And it’s ideal for applications that involve exposure to severe operating environments.

Continuing with our commitment to greener initiatives, our brake system coating is also low VOC, so its manufacture and use creates minimal impact on the environment, and it complies with stringent eco-conscious regulations.


Our coating, which comes in both clear and black, not only protects against rust, it also gives the finished brake part a more professional look.

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