You want creative, ground-breaking solutions to all your coating needs. CIC Coatings is an innovative, premium coatings manufacturer known for over-the-top service and high-performance products. 

Interior Wood Coatings

The warmth of protected and perfected wood is what makes a house a showplace.​

Exterior Wood Coatings

Stains designed to apply easily, look fantastic, and protect your wood for years to come.

Industrial Metal Coatings

Global corporation or one-person shop, CIC can help make what you make even better.

Custom and Specialty Coatings

Identifying and designing the right coatings for fiberglass, braided wire, and more is our specialty.

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“Helpful and informative! I would reccomend others!.”

M Singleton

“Knowledgeable, understanding, friendly and very helpful!”

B Christensen

“After working with them for over 25 years, I would highly recommend CIC Coatings. “

D Lamoureux

Fresh air, blue skies, and a sustainable future

We all live on the same planet, and our choices affect one another. That is why CIC Coatings takes environmental responsibility very seriously. As a matter of fact, safeguarding our world for future generations drives every decision we make about our ingredient choices, product lines and disposal methods.

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Below is a list of some of the companies we have had the pleasure of creating custom coatings solutions for.

CIC Coatings…

…was founded in 2009 by Tom Huemiller and Miles Wooley in McKinney, TX, as an environmentally friendly, custom industrial, wood, and specialty coatings manufacturer specializing in Water-based and Solvent-based coatings that provide ground-breaking solutions for any coatings needs. Under their knowledgeable leadership and dedication to customer service, CIC Coatings has continued to grow and thrive.